Things to Do in Studio City With Kids

Family laughing at a meal

Things to Do in Studio City With Kids

We’ve all been there: juggling fussy kids while out to eat (and getting glares from others) or sifting through the many adult vacation activities for the few kid-friendly ones. But, today we’re here to help YOU. In Studio City, there are lots of kid-friendly restaurants, attractions and even hotels! Read below for all the details.


Kid-Friendly Restaurants

From picky eaters to allergy-prone little ones, eating out can be a potential disaster. Avoid an eating mishap and dine out at one of the many kid-friendly restaurants in Studio City. For fantastic breakfast food, visit & Waffles. Their menu includes plenty of breakfast favorites, including a kids’ menu full of mini breakfast bites. Or if you have little kids, we recommend eating at Lemon Tree Kids & Family Restaurant. With a 2,000-square-foot playground, this restaurant serves up pizza, pasta and Korean cuisine.


Local Attractions

In addition to Universal Studios, Studio City is home to a few other amazing spots to take your kids. Kit Kraft is a large renowned craft store located on Ventura Place. If your kids want some craft time while in Studio City, Kit Kraft is the place to get any supplies imaginable. Rambunctious ones will have a GREAT time at The Coop. An enormous ball pit, curly slide, rope climbing tunnel, bounce house and more await inside.


Playgrounds and Picnic Spots

Local parks are perfect for kids that need to blow off steam. And in Studio City, you can make a day in the park even more fun with a family picnic! Griffith Park lies just west of the Golden State Freeway, between Los Feliz Boulevard and the Venture Freeway. And as one of the largest municipal parks in the United States, Griffith Park has plenty of places to picnic- like Amir’s Garden. For another great picnic spot, visit Valley Village Park. Located in North Hollywood, Valley Village has a play area suitable for little and older kids. Lots of picnic tables surround the park, providing a nice break from the fun!


Family-Friendly Hotel in Studio City    

Traveling with children is no easy feat. And when it comes to hotels, you need to make sure you find one suitable for families like your own. In Studio City, we recommend staying at the Studio City Court Yard. Not only is this hotel close to many Hollywood attractions, but it’s also family-friendly AND budget-friendly.


Studio City Court Yard
With its comfortable furnishings and close location to Hollywood attractions, this hotel makes a great budget-friendly choice for traveling families. 12933 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604.